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We are a team of Spanish lawyers oriented towards both foreign investors and local clients.

Law Firm in Spain

Law Firm in Spain

Updated on Friday 10th June 2022

Our law firm in Spain - Lexidy Law Boutique SLP - provides a wide range of legal services for local and international clients interested in doing business in this country. Our area of expertise covers all branches of law, such as corporate law, criminal business law, legal consulting, tax planning, intellectual property, insolvency, debt collection etc.
We offer consultancy services to investors who open a small, medium or a large company in Spain and we can help them with the incorporation procedure. We also offer help for obtaining the permits and licenses required in order for them to begin the desired type of economic activity.
At Lexidy Law Boutique SLP, foreign natural persons and legal entities can receive assistance on four main categories of services:
  • corporate services,
  • tax services,
  • immigration matters,
  • real estate. 
Lexidy was founded by Federico Richardson Alborna, an English-speaking lawyer in Spain, registered with the Bar Association with the number 40.082. Investors can get in touch with our specialists at directly at our offices located in Madrid and Barcelona
Those who are interested in investing in Spain by opening a local company can receive advice and legal representation on the following corporate services:
  1. full assistance in opening a local branch office or a subsidiary,
  2. opening a corporate bank account for a corporate structure,
  3. assistance in choosing one of the legal entities prescribed by the Spanish legislation,
  4. obtaining a NIE number,
  5. compliance with the GDPR legislation.
At the same time, we can assist businessmen in purchasing a company that is available for sale in this country. 


Organizations we are a part of 

Lexidy Law Boutique SLP, the company representing, is part of several local and international organizations. We are proud of our collaboration with the following:
  • Deutsch-Spanische Juristenvereinigung eV Hispano-German Association of Jurists (German-Spanish Association of Lawyers),
  • the International Bar Association, 
  • Camara de Comercio Hispano – Sueca de Barcelona (Sweden - Spain Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona),
  • Il Lustre Col-Legi de L’advocaia de Barcelona (Barcelona Bar Association).


Our legal services

Our attorneys in Spain have a close relationship with their clients and the services provided to international and local clients are tailored to their needs. Our lawyer in Spain can assist in a wide range of legal services, such as the ones presented below, which are available for both foreign and local investors and individuals:
  • company liquidation in Spain - just like opening a company, closing one will involve several steps that will need to be handled accordingly. Satisfying the creditor’s debts is an important phase and having the right legal aid in liquidation, as well as appointing a liquidator, are equally important for the process. Our team of solicitors in Spain can help you close a business that is no longer profitable;
  • legal counseling in various legal areas -  our team includes lawyers who have extensive experience in all areas of law, from corporate and business law to tax law and family law, we provide the full spectrum of legal guidance and advice;
  • tax advice and planning - companies and individuals in Spain can benefit from our services related to tax advice and planning. We offer complete counseling in all taxation matters, for both foreign investors and companies that are not yet familiar with the taxation system and to individuals who have questions about personal taxation. Our barrister in Spain can assist companies with tax advice on the provisions of the double tax treaties signed in Spain and on the manner in which they apply to a business);
  • company formation in Spain - we can assist you during the company formation process in Spain as opening a new business is a multi-step process that will start with choosing the business type and name and it will end with registering the company with the Commercial Register (Registro Mercantil Central).
You can reach out to us with complete confidence irrespective of the legal questions you might have; our solicitors in Spain can also help foreign investors on immigration related matters. We can assist in obtaining business visas, residence permits and we can also provide legal advice on the procedures that have to be completed in order to bring the close family relatives to live in Spain

Debt collection in Spain

When you have to recover a debt from your business partners in Spain, you may address to our Spanish lawyers who will present you the legal procedures related to debt collection. Our solicitors in Spain will follow all the legal steps and they will represent you in front of Spanish courts, if the debt is not recovered through the mutual consent.
We may also represent you in front of the Spanish authorities and third parties through a power of attorney and you don’t have to travel to Spain in order to recover your debts. Our lawyer in Spain may help you with the insolvency procedures, if it is needed, and they will follow all the legal steps for company liquidation.  

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Solicitors in Spain specialized in commercial and business law


In your daily activity, at your company in Spain, you may need legal consultancy for your business and representation in front of Spanish courts of justice. Our law firm in Spain is prepared to provide you with legal advice and representation in various matters, such as commercial litigation, preparing the set of documents required in a Spanish court for a given legal case, drafting legal documents, such as contracts. Our lawyer in Spain can also provide arbitration and mediation services in case of legal disputes between companies.  
When you need a lawyer in order to conclude an important business contract or a deal, our barristers in Spain are always at your disposal and can offer assistance on the Spanish legislation on the matter. 

Hiring or dismissing employees? 


If you need legal consultancy after you open your company and you want to hire employees, you may contact our lawyers in SpainOur law firm in Spain offers solutions for your issues related to employment and keeps you informed about the latest changes in the Spanish legislation regarding employment. When you need to dismiss employees, our lawyers in Spain will offer you legal consultancy to be sure the procedure you will follow is completed according to the local regulations.


Tax minimization in Spain


After you open a company in Spain and you start doing business in this country, you may need useful information related to tax minimization procedures. Foreign businessmen can receive information from our law firm in Spain on the provisions of the double tax treaties applicable to them. It is important to know that Spain has signed numerous double tax treaties for avoiding the double taxation and foreign tax residents can benefit from them in certain conditions.

Do you need to open a company in Spain? Ask our lawyers for help


Many foreign entrepreneurs are attracted by the business opportunities in Spain and they want to set up companies in this country with less effort and as fast as possible. Our lawyer in Spain can help you with the incorporation procedure and you don’t have to travel to Spain in order to open a company. If you don’t know the type of company that suits best to your interests, you can ask for the advice of our law firm in Spain.
After you will choose the right type of company for your business, you can rely on our barrister in Spain for the registration. Our law firm in Spain will help you draft the articles of association, specimen signatures, fill in the special forms, affidavits, arrange the public notary procedures etc.
If you don’t want to travel to Spain in order to open the company, you can do it through a power of attorney granted to one of our Spanish lawyers. He or she will assist with advice on the services of a virtual office for your company and can provide additional services, such as accounting, opening a bank account etc.

Obtaining business permits and licenses in Spain 

One of the main components of the process of starting a business in Spain is obtaining business permits and licenses. With the help of our barrister in Spain, you can navigate through the complex system of business permits and licenses, as they can vary greatly based on the object of activity of the company, the place where the operations are developed and others. 
For instance, if your business operates in the construction sector, the company’s representatives will need to prepare a set of documents that will be necessary for the issuance of basic permits, such as: the Municipal Works Permit, the Municipal Activity Permit, the Municipal First Occupancy Permit and the Municipal Opening Permit. 
We invite you to watch a short video about how you can set up a business, helped by our law firm in Spain:


How to obtain a Spanish visa for investment purposes 

Foreign investors can apply for a visa in Spain, issued with the main purpose of performing an investment in a local company (a company that is already operational or the company set up by the businessman). In order to obtain a visa in Spain for investments, the businessmen will have to provide a detailed business plan, respect the minimum investment threshold and the number of jobs the business will add on the Spanish market
It is necessary to know that foreigners obtaining a business visa will be entitled to bring their close family members, who will benefit from the right of working on the local market, living in Spain. If the investor has children, they will be able to enroll in local schools. 
Another type of visa for investors is available under the Golden Visa Spain program, launched in 2013. Under this program, a foreign businessman can invest EUR 500,000 in the real estate sector, which will allow the issuance of family residency. This type of document is available for a period of two years and it can be renewed upon expiration. Businessmen can also apply for a visa when, for example, they invest in an investment fund a minimum amount of EUR 1 million. 

How can a foreigner immigrate to Spain?

The visas that can be issued by the Spanish authorities cover all the types of reasons for which a foreigner may want to arrive in this country, such as for:
You can find out the entire list of visas issued by the Spanish legislation from our team of lawyers in Spain.
You can also count on our lawyers in Spain also for other financial issues, such as payroll services, corporate and dividend tax, tax minimization etc. They may recommend you experienced accountants who are ready to offer professional advice and consultancy. Our law firm in Spain may represent you and offer legal consultancy in issues related to civil and family law issues. For details regarding the legal services and our special prices, you may contact our lawyers in Spain.